“To be firmly established in a space of happiness and comfort.” A pose that reflects ease, grace and a serene spirit inspired by the fluidity of the breath, that’s how I see yoga. An Attitude. A way of seeing life. Without judgment, without projections, anchored in the present. Photos by Louisa Canham.


Impose your luck, grasp your happiness, run towards your risk, and in seeing you they will get used to it.

René Char

Yoga chitta vritti nirodha

“Yoga is the end of automatic thoughts, the fluctuations of our mental whirlwind”. Real ‘Art de Vivre’, generator of wellbeing and better-living, the practice of regular yoga brings balance, listening, and compassion. I’ve learnt to fall in yoga, and to get back up, without comparing myself to the person next to me. The chatterbox that I am has learnt the value of silence and meditation offered me gifts beyond what anything I could expect.

Reconnect to your inner child

Recapture your original personality, undo yourself of labels that we’ve created for ourselves as we age to please others, or yourself. To free yourself of fears, or guilt. To take time for yourself. To add magic to our lives, even a bit of mischief, awe and curiosity. To dare. To enjoy. To rest. To trust… here’s what I suggest we find on the mat!

your body is the child of your soul. you must nourish and train that child ~ BKS Iyengar

Thank you Sophie Caldecott


Isabelle Esposito
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